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Traditional Tweed facts and mystery

Traditional Tweed facts and mystery


Traditional Tweed is a pillar of conventional customizing; it is the material of eminence and privileged, fly-fishers and deerstalkers, bespectacled scholastics, Doctors, narrative analysts, and pioneers of style. Taking after the string of this material uncovers a complex history joined with the redefinition of class, sex and design from the nineteenth century to the present. Traditional…

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Ancient Fashion Consist Evergreen Zoot Suit Style

Ancient Fashion Consist Evergreen Zoot Suit Style


A zoot suit is a man’s suit of a misrepresented style, described by a long, detached coat with cushioned shoulders and high-waist decreasing trousers, prominent in the 1940s. Or can say a zoot suit (once in a while spelled zuit suit) is a men’s suit with large-waist, wide-legged, tight-bound, pegged trousers, and a long cover coat with broad lapels and wide cushioned shoulders. This…

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brocade wear

Now be noticed for a subtle style statement this season! Its time to say a goodbye to the old heavy layered look and flaunt the new chic style which has become one of the biggest runway trends .

Whoa! Done up in dark hues this heavy looking textile ‘brocade’seems like the perfect embellishment for any sort of dressing. Your suave ethnic look is sure to garner compliments the next time you attend…

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Stylish Ways of Wearing Animal Prints

Stylish Ways of Wearing Animal Prints

animal_prints22-2_thumbANIMAL PRINTS represent a bold choice, a dangerous game that require a certain fashion good sense in order to find the most stylish way to wearthem. It is not always easy to wear the animal print, whether we are talking about leopard, zebra or any other print. One important rule is avoid the excess of animal print and stay away from a head-to-toe look. The best thing to do is to choose one item…

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How do Choose the Perfect Tights?

How do Choose the Perfect Tights?

Tight fitTights represent that one accessory that dresses your legs in a very stylish way. Besides, with their elegant and chic properties, tights are also very versatile and practical, keeping you warm during cold winter days. If you want to enhance the beauty of your legs, you also need to pay a lot of attention when choosing the perfect tights.

black tightssome time women tend to forget the importance of tights…

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value of trenchTRENCHES have always been a very popular fashion item especially when it came to the cold season, as they can create a very stylish look while still offering the comfort and warmth needed. Trenches have always helped create a very mysterious yet sensual and attractive look, meaning they are definitely a must have fashion item.trench coat lookabsolutely amazing and can enhance the look of your…

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Summer ethnic wear- passion for Indian style

Summer ethnic wear- passion for Indian style

The lady’s ethnic wearindustry is exceedingly divided and aggressive. Despite the fact that it’s efficiently affected by steady changing interest and inclination, the business holds a considerable measure of potential for brands. Tricked by its potential numerous players are venturing into this space. While ladies’ western wear has seen an upsurge sought after, India as a nation still stays…

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Children sleepwear should be comfortable and soft

Children sleepwear should be comfortable and soft

Introduction to Children’s sleepwear

 Children sleepwear is any piece of attire, for example, a robe, payjama, robe or loungewear that is estimated.  Over 9 months and up to size 14 and that is planned to be worn fundamentally for dozing or exercises identified with dozing. In case you’re ever purchased children sleepwear, you thoroughly understand the “cosy fitting” or fire safe prerequisites…

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 Looking for waterproof Make-up tips for seasonal changes?

 Looking for waterproof Make-up tips for seasonal changes?

Introduction to female’s makeover

There are several, companies in the market which take special care for girls trend, and the changing trend with time. It’s not hidden fact from anyone that girls are very interestingly fond of make ups and cosmetics, as the females are so much interested of getting themselves use to such kind of cosmetics, the companies have made a separate sector for all such…

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Get Stylish look with Indo - Western outfits

Get Stylish look with Indo – Western outfits

History of western garments in India

Veteran creator Wendell Rodricks has conveyed the fashion legacy of Goa to another level by reporting it in ‘Moda Goa’ – a first and single of its type pictorial and illustrative design annal of the state. He says Goa was the support of Indo-Western culture. “Goa was the origin of Indo-Western articles of clothing,” said by Rodricks. The book, “Moda Goa”,…

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