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The Quintessential Ear Cuffs - No Longer a Punk Look!

The Quintessential Ear Cuffs – No Longer a Punk Look!

Want to make a style statement? Chunky neck-pieces wearing you down? Try going the punk way!

No silly, we aren’t asking you to get piercings and wear loud jewellery to make a statement. 

Over the years, punk fashion has boiled down to the quintessentially single, statement piece worn to lift up your otherwise drab outfit. After chunky neck-pieces having been overdone to death. Viola!…

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Know About Your Churidar Kameez

Know About Your Churidar Kameez

Churidar is the Indian Ethic wear and Fashion for centuries. Churidar is a Hindi word. It is derived from a bangle name called ‘Churi’. Since the churidar pants falls into folds in the legs above the ankles, it resembles like bangle churi and So the name churidars.

Actually churidar is the native dress of pakistan. During 1947 when India got freedom pakistan was separated from India. At that time…

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Portuguese Traditional Costumes

Portuguese traditional costumes – As in other countries, Portugal have their traditional costumes that differs by region. And more than we can think, the traditional clothing of a country defines the history and the ancient culture.

Here in Portugal, the peasants wore two different costumes: one for working and one for wearing on Sundays to go to the church or to attend weddings. In this way,…

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Go On A Tribal Safari This Summer With Aztec Prints!!!

Go On A Tribal Safari This Summer With Aztec Prints!!!

Mixing and matching patterns and textures is what fashion is all about and this Summer get ready to welcome the stampede of the wild with Aztec prints and tribal fusion.EasyPeasySummerNailArtAztecFantastically fabulous, the tribal trend is all about showcasing your individuality. Mixing abstract prints with unbelievable colors, playing with the silhouette and bold patterns is what makes tribal so culturally rich and…

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Beat the Heat this Summer - With Linen!

Beat the Heat this Summer – With Linen!

With temperatures soaring, catch a break this summer with the resurrection of the Linen fabric. Known for its extremely complicated yarn weaving, Linen is a fabric that requires a cumbersome process to create, which is why it was termed as a garment for the Royalty during the Egyptian times.


Today people are finally realizing the worth of this fabric as designers are using Linen in many modern…

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In this article let us know about what is Mood board? Uses of mood board and so on. I am sure that this article gives a clear idea of it. Mood– What comes to our mind when we hear this word? Yes, absolutely. It exposes the frame of mind. Likewise Mood board helps a designer to expose their concept and ideas of design development and to converse it. Mood board is created based on a particular…

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Banarasi Brocade

Banarasi Brocade - Sarri The elegant traditional costume for Indian women – a common form of clothing for women across south Asia, draped around the body in different styles to form a garment. It is a seamless rectangular piece of fabric measuring between four to nine meters decorated with varying pattern, colour, design, and richness.


Fashion forecasting are the resources that help in predicting trends in the fashion industry. The fashion forecaster must bring together his or her own knowledge of fashion design and history with consumer business information. Design firms and retail markets use forecasting services to predict trends in colour and fashion.

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