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The Glittering Look Book!!

The Glittering Look Book!!

Sequin, Sequin, Sequin! It’s all about the Bling, be it your clothes, accessories or footwear. Shimmer and Glitter is the ultimate glamour only if you flaunt it right!

Can the bling trend ever go out of fashion? No. The shimmer and glitter is here to stay and rock the fashion street with its glamour and style. It seems like the shine and shimmer has crawled up back on the fashion charts as…

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What is ideology of Deepika Padukone for bollywood fashion?

What is ideology of Deepika Padukone for bollywood fashion?

So far Journey

Deepika Padukone is a well known celebrity of bollywood who is known for her elegant style and her mesmerizing beauty. Everyone is keen to know ideology of Deepika Padukone for bollywood fashion as Deepika’s style attracted millions of hearts. From the very first movie she impressed people of every generation with her cute dimples and a very extraordinary dressing sense. Deepika…

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Summer looks for the beach or pool

Summer looks for the beach or pool

Summer looks for the beach or pool – It’s summer time! Who don’t like it? In this season, we can do everything: take sunbathes, get tan, doing exercise, celebrate the life with sunsets and parties… Talking about sunbathes, where you usually go to get tan? If you go to the beach or swimming pool, you have to choose the right outfit for that, I guess.

In this summer, whenever you go to the beach or…

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How to pick paramount inner fitwear for women?

How to pick paramount inner fitwear for women?


Women should be very careful while shopping for their inner wear as perfect inner wear can give you sense of comfort and can also help you to carry yourself with great ease. Choosing right inner wear is very essential. If the lingerie is not appropriate your dress will not look good on you irrespective of the measurements and fitting. The correct size is the most important thing when…

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How fashion illustration can make us trendy?

How fashion illustration can make us trendy?

We all know the importance of fashion in this modern world. In this world where first impression is said to be the last impression we have to be very careful regarding our first impression. We can not deny the fact that we can not make a perfect first impression without the help of fashion or latest trends in fashion. It can be clearly stated that without fashion sense or without fashion…

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How Collars variety can change your personality?

How Collars variety can change your personality?

Every shirt has a different collar style and people choose the appropriate style of collar which suits them. It is rightly said that do not judge a book by its cover but if you are talking about fashion then this proverb is not justified. You have to make yourself presentable by adopting latest fashion trends. The fashion style should be chosen in such a way that it suits you personality.…

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How to Stitch a sweetheart neckline dress?

How to Stitch a sweetheart neckline dress?

Everyone loves the sweetheart neckline on a top or dress. It’s so simple, adds style, grace and is perfect to shape your neck with a little drop necklace. The shape of the sweetheart neckline ends in a point and has a curve above the gentle bust which is really pretty. This shape is considered to be more feminine than just a plain V-neck. It never gives a fussy look in any way. Sweetheart shaped…

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Handbags with Clutch System are best to buy

Handbags with Clutch System are best to buy

Whether it’s a night, hitting some dance floor or a family wedding, the right purse could be the last prosper an outfit needs. Previously, clutch based purse was constantly known to be that excessively adorned tote which your mother held in the once more of her storage room and just uncovered it during some unique events. She commonly had one, and some way or another it would mystically run with…

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Inner fit wear in fashion- are you wearing?

Inner fit wear in fashion- are you wearing?

The need

You can all concur that wearing inner fit wear in fashionis a typical thing. With your growing age, you leave your diapers and start wearing your underwear’s. As per personal preference, you can choose any type of innerwear’s which perfectly fits your body. Even there are some, who do not prefer to wear inner garments. But to all this, you must be aware, how to buy these inner garments…

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History of fashion in India- significant approach

History of fashion in India- significant approach

India is rich in various cultures, society and tradition and the same is reflected in the clothing of Indians wears. Indian fashion has remarkably seen a transformation since the old days. Despite all, the fact, history of fashion in Indiastill has the basics to be same, we can discover a considerable measure of western impacts and cutting edge plans that have been joined into the basic structure…

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