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Indian wedding attire obsession in fashion industry

Indian wedding attire obsession in fashion industry

Heritage of India

 India, the land where people of different caste creed and colour live together! This country is famous for its heritage and culture, which the people are following from the birth of the history of this country to the present era. The traditions, customs of different occasion in India are very much popular among the people of different countries. The wedding ceremony which is…

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What to do with stained expensive outfits?

What to do with stained expensive outfits?

Safeguard expensive fashion clothes

 Grill sauce on a new white shirt, what’s now to do with all this stains? Don’t dispatch your garments to the cloth heap before you attempt these basic tips to get the spots, splashes and splotches out of the clothes. The prior you get a stain, the less hard work. In case you’re out on the town (and the thing isn’t dry-clean just), pre-treat the influenced…

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How to choose fashion territory while pursuing designing course?

How to choose fashion territory while pursuing designing course?

How to compose

 Composing a style paper permits you the chance to browse an exhibit of distinctive themes. Points range from the effect of style on social progressions to design’s part in building monetary domains. Find your corner of fashion territoryand create a wise postulation articulation. In the event that you are an outline major, pick a point that investment you to give more understanding…

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Explore tie and die custom- a regional cottage industry

Explore tie and die custom- a regional cottage industry

Traditional cottage industry

Colouring is an age-old process and structures a fundamental piece of material commercial enterprises. Tying is a methodology  by which a specific piece of material is kept from the procedure of colouring. The skin sicknesses in specialists occupied with the ‘tie and colour’ industry have not been broadly contemplated. To study the predominance of contact dermatitis…

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Cartoon characters graphics role in fashion

Cartoon characters graphics role in fashion

Nowadays, children are no more enlivened by superheroes like Phantom, Mandrake who battled to spare the world and the qualities it purports. Shin-Chan, the wicked child, Hagemaru, the money grubber child, and Doraemon, the kind robot, have turned into youngsters’ new closest companions. The hit toon arrangements on TV, nonetheless, are giving restless nights to folks and kids as they are…

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Contemporary Accessories for Feminity

Contemporary Accessories for Feminity

As compared to boys there are a lot more accessories for girls. The tradition of a girl built up is from the beginning, girls require a lot more directional art to get them dressed. There is a complete pack for the girls of accessories to get dressed and for different occasions and for all body parts such as hairs, face, hands, lower legs, upper legs, waist and full of their creations. The…

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How to keep chiffon fabric safe in bad weather?

How to keep chiffon fabric safe in bad weather?

Chiffon is produced using cotton, silk, or engineered filaments. Under an amplifying glass it looks like a fine net or lattice which gives chiffon some transparent properties. Chiffon could be colour to just about any shade, yet chiffon made from polyester might be hard to colour. At the point when sewing chiffon, numerous crafters layer tissue paper in the middle of the two pieces being sewn up…

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How sale in market effects fashion trends?

How sale in market effects fashion trends?

Fashion trends nowadays emerge as a very frequently used action by the public in every use. Business, of course, has taken the interest of government to invest in this seasonal business. In the olden times before 5-7 years back, the society used to make physical efforts to fulfill many of their fashion desires, but as the time passed on and the world of technology started to wave its leaves on…

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Gone are the days when scarves were just the cold weather necessity. Appropriate for everything from casual weekend wear to office ready attire, scarves are one accessory you cant go without. The season’s chicest new accessory trend graphically striped iterations “SCARVES” are seen all over the runways now.

Today’s fashion is all about layering and adding playful accessories . Scarves are the…

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thread bangles

Bangles!The adore of ladies around the globe. Now these bangles come with a twist that is modern and trendy. The thread bangles which are fascinating and charming as well are all set to make you look ravishing.

Now the older style trend of standard bangles is not a lot more in style. Thread bangles are the perfect epitome of beauty and spectacular designs. The lovely bangles are weaved with…

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